Sunday, June 7, 2009

Template for Blogger: Costumize your Blog

After creating blog - as per previous posted - Beside good contents, usefull informations & posts, I really think that template really important for our blog. So, our blog look nice, at least we can stay any longer to read or review the posts.

After sourcing so many templates, try for this and that, at many sites or blogs that provide the templates from around the world and wasting so many times just to get & decide what should I use for the 1001 Money Maker, I found really nice, exiting and faboulus & looks very professional blogger template named Magazine Template 3, here:

"After the launching of Magazine Template 3 (dark green) yesterday, many readers love the design of the template. However, many of them request the Magazine Template 3 created with white background, therefore now I create it for you.

The features that are included in magazine template 3 are: Real Magazine style blogger template

The Magazine Template 3 has completely adopted magazine style template. At the front page, you will find three columns, but if you click the title of one post, there will be two columns, please try to prove!"
And it really work! With the complete informations how to install & use the template, the creator also give a tutorial how to Making Read more function at Magazine Template 3:
"As promised that Kang Rohman will discuss about the way to make read more function at magazine Template 3, now at this post, Kang Rohman specially discusses how to make Read more function at magazine template 3.

Magazine template 3 was intentionally created without Read more function in it. I want to give you a freedom to make read more function because there are a lot of techniques to make read more function in blogspot."
Thanks for Kang Rohman & Blogger Template 4 U!

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