Thursday, May 21, 2009

TUTORIAL BLOG: Creating a blog at

Before we start to earn money from online business, even not all money maker site need a blog / site for it (paid to survey, paid to share etc), but I think we must have at least one of our own blog. What is Blog? and Why?
Blog is an online public journal or web-log. Our Journal should frequently update and intend for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web site. Each of us will have our own place to blog that can access from any internet connected computer. We are able to post both text and picture and can read and comment on our post. Why we must have at least one blog?becoz we can earn money from it by online. We can monetize our blog becoz many online services can help us for it.

A lot of Weblog Providers around us. My favorite is aka blogspot. Others Wordpress, DeadJournal, LiveJournal, Multiply, Movable Type, Bravenet, and etc.

It is very easy to create a blog, especially at You can download the tutorial how to create a blog at blogger here for local bahasa Indonesia or here in English..

Have fun. lets start earn money....

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009 One of The Local Adsense is one of the trusted local adsense & it is not scam. I joined here since 2009-04-10 and published their adsense at my other blog, Apa Jare Bae and now also here at 1001 Money Maker. Just simply sign up, follow the step, add our blog, get the code and monetize your blog by put it somewhere. is one of the alternative to earn money at our blog & get additional revenue, how to provide a spot with rooms on the blog as a place to deliver commercial messages from Advertiser. Advertise trough the network is the same with advertising through some Blog. Its also an affiliate program becoz we get automatically our refferal link. Blogger Indonesia is the network to get additional revenue from the Blog, which is customized execution with local condition. are some ideas / theories that have been expressed by some bloggers in Indonesia respond to advertising through the blog phenomenon.

There is no concept of the new website this web site is processed and mixed based on inspiration from Google Adsense, AdBrite, a discussion of some forums, mailing lists and blog-a blog in Indonesia.

So, no need to wait, don't waste your time start to earn some money with monetize your blog by joining Kumpul Blogger.
Interest? click here to SIGN UP.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Google AdSense.....

What is Google AdSense? Ade Hendra ( at his e-book “Mendulang Dollar dengan Google AdSense” said that Google AdSense is affiliate program for internet - online business which is very popular in the world till now – Number one I think - . Everybody can participate to become a publisher of Google Adwords with simple, easy and quick enough to placing Google advertisement in their sites/blogs.
With commission method Pay per Click (PPC), earn money from its method, Google much more simple and very liquid, different with other affiliates, which oblige us to sell something then getting commission. Google Adsense have brought new revolution in internet business. This program have yielded online millionaire without have to look for big investor, just like ordinary did by companies dot com from Silicon Valley. You can download this e-book here.

Most important points of Google Adsense (Conradsharry – Ebook “Tips, Trik & Tutorial Rahasia Sukses Menghasilkan Uang dengan Google Adsense, versi 1.0”):
1. Use keyword based on the information which searched by many peoples.
2. Biggest target market are around the world which is have high penetrating of internet usage.
3. Try to enter to “the deep inside” and look for something, dig it deeper from popular topic or keyword.
4. Doing some keyword test using available tools.
5. Prepare the site/blog design, or you can use free blog account from – Like I did – or others.
6. Collecting the materials as content, you can use free provider content like RSS Feed
7. Activate your AdSense account and optimize it.
8. Do relationship with other site/blog by exchange link
9. Monitoring site/blog performance and presented advertisement

Off course, a lot of blogger knowing this, but I hope this is useful for other newbies like me. It will be much more posting about Google AdSense in the future.
Even I already have an account at Google AdSense, but till now not appears yet at my another blog, Apa Jare Bae. I hope uncle Google having a goodness to show it here, hahahaha..

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