Tuesday, May 12, 2009

KumpulBlogger.com: One of The Local Adsense

KumpulBlogger.com is one of the trusted local adsense & it is not scam. I joined here since 2009-04-10 and published their adsense at my other blog, Apa Jare Bae and now also here at 1001 Money Maker. Just simply sign up, follow the step, add our blog, get the code and monetize your blog by put it somewhere.

KumpulBlogger.com is one of the alternative to earn money at our blog & get additional revenue, how to provide a spot with rooms on the blog as a place to deliver commercial messages from Advertiser. Advertise trough the KumpulBlogger.com network is the same with advertising through some Blog. Its also an affiliate program becoz we get automatically our refferal link.

KumpulBlogger.com Blogger Indonesia is the network to get additional revenue from the Blog, which is customized execution with local condition. KumpulBlogger.com are some ideas / theories that have been expressed by some bloggers in Indonesia respond to advertising through the blog phenomenon.

There is no concept of the new website KumpulBlogger.com this web site is processed and mixed based on inspiration from Google Adsense, AdBrite, a discussion of some forums, mailing lists and blog-a blog in Indonesia.

So, no need to wait, don't waste your time start to earn some money with monetize your blog by joining Kumpul Blogger.
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